[BUG?] probable underflow on file date on ext2/3 filesystems

Carlos Silva r3pek at gentoo.org
Wed Aug 10 22:58:24 UTC 2005

Hi guys,

        a user at Gentoo Bugzilla, reported that he archives files with
artificial timestamp of 1970-01-01 on an ext3 partition on his amd64
box. After remounting that partition, the file date becomes 2106-02-07.
I confirmed this bug and also tested it on several other partitions
(xfs, reiserfs) and they don't have this problem, just ext2 and ext3
have it. This problem also doesn't occur in x86, only on amd64 (as far
as i tested). If any more info is needed, just mail me.
The link to the bug is http://bugs.gentoo.org/101723

Carlos Silva
(cc me as i'm not on the ext2/3 lists)
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