EXT3-fs error

Hayim Shaul hayim at post.tau.ac.il
Tue Dec 20 14:44:50 UTC 2005

>> fdisk /dev/cciss/c0d0 (the disk containing /) reported that the device
>> is not valid.
> if the device is "not valid", this has to be fixed. concrete error
> messages would help here though.
>> The console was full of this message repeating:
>> "EXT3-fs error (device /dev/cciss/c0d0) in start_transaction: Journal
>> has aborted"
> if it really is a hardware error (bad disk/controller/cable/driver), then
> ext3 can't do anything about it (except perhaps mounting the device ro)

Is it a hardware problem?

>> The BIOS reported an error: "POST Error: 1727-Drive Array - New Logical
>> Drive(s) Attachment Detected"
> [...]
>> A technition from HP said that everything looks OK hardware-wise.
> hm, this POST error looks "OK"?

I don't think so.
But if I need to replace anything, then what do I need to replace?
Is it the controller that once in a while decides a disk to be not 

Obviously, HP support are not more useful than looking at a green LED and 
telling me their machine is superb.

>> Can anyone help me understand what is going on here?
> please send useful error messages.

Trouble is I have none.
Nothing appears in /var/log/messages. Probably because the FS went RO.
And once the system enters this state I can't login to it so I don't have 
any more information available.

Probably I am not aware of all the ways to retrieve information from such 
stuck systems. I'd appreciate help in this.

For e.g., how can I redirect syslog to print to another partition? (hoping 
that partition to stay RW)?


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