EXT3-fs error

evilninja evilninja at gmx.net
Tue Dec 20 15:12:23 UTC 2005

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Hayim Shaul schrieb:
> Is it a hardware problem?

looks like (see below)

> But if I need to replace anything, then what do I need to replace?
> Is it the controller that once in a while decides a disk to be not present?

dunno, depends on the error messages.

> Obviously, HP support are not more useful than looking at a green LED
> and telling me their machine is superb.

ouch :(

> Trouble is I have none.
> Nothing appears in /var/log/messages. Probably because the FS went RO.
> And once the system enters this state I can't login to it so I don't
> have any more information available.

well, can you reproduce the error and log to somewhere else? maybe even

> Probably I am not aware of all the ways to retrieve information from
> such stuck systems. I'd appreciate help in this.

"dmesg" should print out error messages, even if /var/log is ro.

> For e.g., how can I redirect syslog to print to another partition?
> (hoping that partition to stay RW)?

just tell syslog where to log: /etc/syslog or /etc/syslog-ng should help
here (man syslogd)
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