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EXT3-fs error

Hello friends,

I am experiencing some weird beheaviour on one of my computers.
I appologize for the laconic subject, but I really don't know anything more than that. I'll tell the story in chronological order.

I have an HP server with five SCSI disks.
The disks are _not_ in RAID. I installed FC2 on one disk. I installed a and used it for boot. The server runs some software that I wrote, and it worked flawlessly for more than three months.

On Thursday I noticed that some of the files under / are not accessible, reporting Input/Output error.
The file-system itself was in read-only mode.

Soon no file under / was accessible.

fdisk /dev/cciss/c0d0 (the disk containing /) reported that the device is not valid.

The console was full of this message repeating:
"EXT3-fs error (device /dev/cciss/c0d0) in start_transaction: Journal has aborted"

I booted the machine.

fsck did not report anything, and the computer seemed to work fine.

After a day the problem repeated.

I booted again.

The BIOS reported an error: "POST Error: 1727-Drive Array - New Logical Drive(s) Attachment Detected"

The boot failed as GRUB complained not to find the disk containing the kernel file.

I pressed reset again.

This time the machine booted normaly, but somehow I get a feeling that something is wrong with the machine.

A technition from HP said that everything looks OK hardware-wise.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here?


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