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Daniel Pittman daniel at
Thu Feb 3 23:51:06 UTC 2005

On 3 Feb 2005, Andy Zheng wrote:
> I need help with the following problems:
> The system might suffer a power loss when I run a program. After the reboot
> 	process, it has happened, this prompt is issued on the filesystem
> 	check failed. This message appears:
> *** An error occurred during the file system check
> *** Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot
> *** when you leave the shell
> Give root password for maintenance
> (or type Control-D for normal startup) 
> When the filesystem check failed, I will log in by specifying the root
> 	password and run the fsck program manually. When I have typed in the
> 	root password, I am presented with the following prompt:
> (Repair filesystem) # 
> How can I repair filesytem?

Run fsck manually on the drive.  You may find reading the 'e2fsck'
manual page helpful here.

Regardless of that prompt, it is simply a standard shell.

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