Disk errors

Vijayan Prabhakaran vijayan at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Feb 14 04:45:42 UTC 2005


Well, this might not be the right place to pose this question.
But, I'm sure that there are people who can answer this.

My question is regarding how disk errors are reported to ext3. From my
basic understanding of the block driver routines, it seems that all the
different types of disk errors (like sector failures, scsi bus timeout,
etc) are converted into one single error code (EIO) and passed on to the
file system (by the ll_rw_blk.c)

So, irrespective of whether the underlying device is a SCSI or IDE, the
disk errors are going to be reported as EIO to ext3, right ?

Does anyone have any input on how this occurs in other open source
operating systems ?

I appreciate any help regarding this.

Thanks much.

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