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Ext3 Journal corruption on hitachi deskstars

I recently came across an enormous cluster of x86 clone machines running fedora core 1 (2.4.24) which have typically all intel or amd have VIA IDE chipsets.

They frequently experience corrupted journals rendering the ext3 partition in read-only mode. More important than recovering the filesystem, I am interested in finding the root of the problem.

The common hardware that all of these machines share is a Hitachi deskstar drive (New IBM drive)...

Searching through the mailing list and google I have seen references to problems with this particular drive but for the life of me and (the broken redhat search tool) I cannot pin down specific information on the cause of these failures.

A bug within the IDE bus driver and the harddrive, seems most sensible. Please help me find the right place to look.

Thanks in advance,


Greg Martin
Sr. Information Security Engineer
Melior Inc.

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