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Re: Ext3 Journal corruption on hitachi deskstars

Had another one fail today so I was able to tarball the /var directory this is the warning that comes from dmesg:

EXT2-fs warning (device hda3): ext2_fill_super: mounting ext3 filesystem as ext2
EXT2-fs warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended

nothing much there... the console during the crash was flooding with this error:

EXT-fs error (device ide(3,3)) in start)transation: Journal has aborted

not much there... I noticed more google references to problems with Hitachi drives, the only thing thats common on these systems that are having the failures are the drive types and that they are all running some Redhat derivative fedora core 1, RHEL or Centos. Kernel is 2.4.24, some tech's claim you can wget flood apache for a few hours at 100mbps and cause this filesystem crash... Maybe a bug in the IDE driver? I just figured if I mentioned ext3 crash and hitachi in the same sentance someone would come back with a kernel patch for me but im never that lucky.



Stephen C. Tweedie writes:


On Tue, 2005-02-08 at 20:38, greg martin ddos com wrote:
I recently came across an enormous cluster of x86 clone machines running fedora core 1 (2.4.24) which have typically all intel or amd have VIA IDE chipsets.

They frequently experience corrupted journals rendering the ext3 partition in read-only mode.

When ext3 first takes a filesystem offline/readonly, it always logs an
initial message explaining why it's doing so. You'll need to capture
that log message.

Obviously, if it's the filesystem containing /var/ that went readonly,
then /var/log/messages won't contain the information; but "dmesg" may,
and you can set up serial or network console to capture it.


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