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ext3 +2TB fs

I've got a 3.3TB ext3 on a FC3 64-bit system, running kernel 2.6.10-1.766FC3smp. I create the partition with parted 1.6.21, and I make the fs via:

mkfs.ext3 -m1 -b 4096 -T largefile4 /dev/sda1

Works fine. bonnie++ running on it multiple times for days on end, no problems.

However, I do the exact same setup on a RHEL4-AS i686 system, 32-bit, and the fs is totally hosed, get all kinds of errors with the filesystem, just trying to mount it doesn't work. Crud, I blew away the system, so I don't have the error logs, but it was an error about the group descriptors being corrupted. I ran fsck but it couldn't fix it. That kernel is 2.6.9-5.0.3smp. I also compile with the CONFIG_LDB flag which enables large block device support. I'm told that should be all I have to do. But it just doesn't work. Not at all.

Any ideas? I'm stuck running FC3 now unless I can get some quick fix from you guys.



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