e2fsprogs 1.36-rc1 released on SourceForge

Theodore Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Fri Jan 7 15:23:05 UTC 2005

I've just made e2fsprogs 1.36-rc1 available on Sourceforge:


Fedora Core 3 users will be strongly encouraged to upgrade to e2fsprogs
1.36, since it has numerous bug fixes to some of the Fedora-specific
enhancements to e2fsprogs --- in particular, supporting on-line resizing
feature using the resize inode.  Although the specific bug was unlikely
to be triggered, the fsck command-line parsing was botched when Red Hat
added support for "fsck -C <fd>", so that in some cases a command-line
parameter to fsck could get lost.  The Fedora e2fsprogs also didn't work
on Big Endian machines, although no one ever reported this, so I'm
guessing Fedora isn't generally built for these platforms.

For people who used resize2fs on Fedora Core 3 on a filesystem created
using mke2fs from FC3, and trashed their filesystem, it will be possible
to recover using the following procedure after installing e2fsprogs

	debugfs -w /dev/hdXXX -R "features ^resize_inode"
	e2fsck -f /dev/hdXXX

This will remove the resize_inode feature, and correct the filesystem
corruption.  If you would like to use on-line resizing, you can then run
ext2prepare, which should restore the resize_inode correctly.

I'm asking people who are willing to be guinea pigs to download and try
out e2fsprogs 1.36-rc1.  Also, since I don't run Fedora myself, the
e2fsprogs.spec file may need some tweaking.  If you do download and try
it, please let me know how it works, either way, so I know how much
testing it has received.  Many thanks!!

						- Ted

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