135 GB ext3 on broken drive -- other possibilities than "e2fsck -y"?

Christian evilninja at gmx.net
Sat Jan 8 17:31:58 UTC 2005

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Milan Holzäpfel schrieb:
> IIRC yes.  These fscks were run on a drive which seems to be still ok,
> and I think that there was nothing in the kernel logs about this drive
> or anything else which would be unusual, but I'm not completely sure.  I
> guess I'll check one more time.  

it's a bit strange that the ext3 gurus didn't comment on this issue yet
(hint, hint:)), but as nobody else seems to suffer from said "fsck loops",
you'll have to try on your own. really, just for the sake of correctnes:
pull out the disk in another machine, then fsck again.

in another thread Theodore Ts'o suggested to run "e2image -r" on the
partition. IIRC you've made a backup from your "original corrupted data" -
if this is the case, please restore from this "backup", the do

  $ e2image -r DEVICE file.img

and make the file available for download (man e2image first, only file+dir
structure should be revealed, but no content). if i understand "man
e2image" correctly [1], one should be able to do "fsck.ext3 file.img" and
try to reproduce your problem.

just my 2¢,

[1] please do "man e2image", really, i've only skimmed through it....
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