Does ext3 file system use a '.journal' file?

Jeffrey J. Barteet barteet at
Thu Jan 27 22:22:47 UTC 2005


I recently cpio-ed some user directories onto a new ext3 partion.

After putting this file server's partition into production, I noticed a .journal
file in the root directory of the partition dated well before the creation of
this partition.

I think this .journal file was copied over from the old filesystem and I am
concerned that I over-wrote this current filesystem's .journal file and this
file system will explode the next time I reboot.

I have also seen some non-definitive reference to ext3's journal being hidden.

My questions:

Does ext3 use a .journal file or is it hidden?

If it DOES use a .journal file, can I rebuild it on the fly? i.e., while the
file system is in production?

I'm on the  2.6.10 kernel.



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