ext3 offline resizing

jjletho67-3txe at yahoo.it jjletho67-3txe at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 21 08:02:07 UTC 2005

> What error(s) are you getting?  Not all messages
> from e2fsck are
> errors, you know.  Some are informative messages,
> such as:
> 	Backing up journal inode block information
> Resize2fs will take advantage of the on-line
> resizing inode to do
> off-line resizes faster and more safely.  It should
> work with or
> without, it, though.  It should work fine; send the
> error messages if
> you'd like me to give you an opinion about them.
> 					- Ted

with resize_inode feature DISABLED the only
warning/message I obtain when doing "fsck.ext3 -f"
after the resize is:

Backing up journal inode block information

with resize_inode feature ENABLED when extending to
size > 1000*(originalSize) the errors I obtain are:

Resize_inode not enabled, but resize inode is non-zero
Block bitmap differences: -57 Fix<y>

Free blocks count wrong for group #0 (6146,
counted=6147) Fix<y>

Free blocks count wrong (2194393, counted=2194394)

After answering yes to all requests I can mount and
use the partition, but the resize_inode feature
The example was on a test partition of 2M extended to
2.1G but I made other tests with greater size (50M ->
110G for example) with the same result.



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