ext3 offline resizing

jjletho67-3txe at yahoo.it jjletho67-3txe at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 21 18:58:59 UTC 2005


--- Theodore Ts'o <tytso at mit.edu> ha scritto: 

> Oh, OK.  Resize2fs isn't clearing the left-over
> resize inode after
> it's used all of the reserved blocks.   That should
> be fixed.
> 					- Ted

Ok now is much more clear. In our opinion in this
moment (without waiting for a fix) what is the better
solution for an ext3 based system which will often
need to resize its partitions (offline with resize2fs)
Disabling the resize_inode feature is safer ? Or is it
better to use the resize_inode feature and choose a
better initial size ?
Is the "1000*(original size)" limit I guessed correct
I'm sorry but i wasn't able to find any deep
documentation about resize_inode.

Thank you very much!



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