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RE: User directories in /home are missing

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by chance, did you recently enable autofs?  a typical mount point for autofs is /home, & if autofs is started w/ that mount point specified, all your local files will not appear until you stop the autofs svc...
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Subject: User directories in /home are missing


I use Redhat Enterprise Edition 2.4.21 kernel version. In my system all the user directories in /home disappeared. No one deleted it. But I don’t know how it is missing. I had one or two open sessions where I already logged in as root and cd’ed to one particular home directory. From there I am able to access files in that home directory. But not from a new session. In new session it always says no such file or directory.


All my user accounts still exists. I have totally around 10 user accounts in that machine. I haven’t rebooted that machine thinking that I can do something without reboot.


Do anyone know the reason for this and if so how to recover it.



Kapil Sampath


"The greatest sin is to think yourself weak"

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