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ext3 offline resizing

Hi all,
I want to setup a linux workstation with FC4 and with
all the partitions (except for /boot) under LVM to be
able to resize them in future. I don't need online
resizing, I can shutdown the system and reboot with
the rescuecd when needed.
I have done some test on this configuration and I have
sverals doubts:

If i format a partition with the resize_inode feature
enabled and I resize it offline with resize2fs all is
ok until I reach (in a single step or in several step)
1000*(Original Size). When i extend a partition over
this size I receive a couple of error when I launch
fsck.ext3 and the resize_inode feature disappears.  

If I format a partition without the resize_inode
feature then i can resize it to any size, but after
the resize the first launch of fsck.ext3 gives always
this error:

Backing up journal inode block information

In both the scenarios after the resize I'm able to
mount the partitions.
The question is: for offline resizing is better to
disable the resize_inode feature ?
Is the error message i wrote really an error ?



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