Killed my filesystem?! (data moved to lost&found)

Marc Gerritzen marc.gerritzen at
Thu Mar 3 17:35:42 UTC 2005

I have/had a 300gb ext3-partition, which was mounted for a while 
without an fsck. Some time ago I noticed, that it had "lost" 10gb 
(avail 0mb, used 290gb, size 300gb).
So I tried to unmount the partition and do a fsck. But the partition 
was "busy", so I did a umount -l on that partition (yes I know now that 
this wasn‘t the best idea at all) and fscked -y it. The fsck linked 
many inodes to lost&found, but I thought "fsck does know what it‘s 
doing" ;)
After this I remounted the partition and found it COMPLETLY EMPTY :(, 
except of thousands of files with funny names like "#31604834" in 
So to my question: Does anybody know how to get my data back? :)

Thanks very much and greetings from Germany,
Marc Gerritzen
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