searching for ext3 defrag/file move program

Ph. Marek philipp.marek at
Fri Mar 4 10:12:51 UTC 2005

> I approached the problem from several different angles.
> In order to make a defrag for EXT3 safe, you would need to do one of 
> two things:
> 1) Develop a Defrag API or some sort of File System Maintenance API
>    which included Defrag support and successfully integrate it into
>    the kernel.
> - OR -
> 2) Extend Mandatory Locking to every file the system opens and closes
>    and integrate such a patch into the kernel.
> Either task is uphill sledding.
And a single defrag run to speedup the booting would soon be worthless, if the 
system configuration gets changed (at least after some "apt-get 
dist-upgrade"s :-).

That could work for a "fire and forget" workstation - setup, defrag, move some 
files to front, work only ever as user without changing /bin, /etc, and so 
on ...

So it won't be possible.

I read that there was a patch for in-kernel-movement of blocks; what has 
happened to it? 
(Do we want reiserfs, xfs, whatever to have this advantage, and ext2/3 left 

I feel a strong urge to shoot the messenger or at least the message, but thank 
you for your answer :-)



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