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Re: mke2fs options for very large filesystems

Theodore Ts'o wrote:

sizes on the filesystem, but on average this tends to happen when the
utilization rises to 90-95%.

Is there any studies how a count of files relate to fragmentation? I have an situation that I store fairly large files (about 500 MB) to 200 GiB paritition (seems to have now 700 files). There are only one or two active writers at each time and then I run once a hour cleanup script that deletes oldest files until there is at least 90% free -- thus peak utilisation is something like 91-92%. Each file has lifetime of few days.

So far, there has not been any performance problems but as
system will be running for years, is there a possibility that the file system will be fragmented at later time. Can one check fragmentation without unmounting fs (as it is not possible to bring system down for any long period of time)?

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