FSCK of corrupted ext3 filesystem

Darryl Bond dbond at nrggos.com.au
Sun May 22 22:53:28 UTC 2005

I have a 1.3TB ext3 filesystem that has been in service for about 3 months.
About 6 days ago the Emulex fibrechannel controller logged a SCSI error 
and the filesystem changed to RO.
It appears that the filesystem instantly changes to RO and prevents the 
journal from working, therefore invalidating the filesystem.
The filesystem was unmounted and a remount was attempted. The mount 
failed due to errors and an fsck came up with errors.

Top output looks like this:

 4562 root          25   0  780m   214m  236 R 99.9         42.6   
6211:44 fsck.ext3

The fsck has been running for 6 days without printing anything to the 
screen. It seems to be working as an strace produces the following.

Process 4562 attached - interrupt to quit
_llseek(5, 5979127808, [5979127808], SEEK_SET) = 0
read(5, "\377\276\340oY\\i\17\346N\231\370\216\v\276\361\255\245"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 299281825792, [299281825792], SEEK_SET) = 0
write(5, "\323\265-Q\33<\331\216\325\304U\3V\221\213\301e\32Q\220"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 5979131904, [5979131904], SEEK_SET) = 0
read(5, "\327\347\2435\210\253^\222H\253\302\331\360\245\323\352"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 299281829888, [299281829888], SEEK_SET) = 0
write(5, "\242\355\370A\2759Q\251\31>\254\240\301\34\320\226J5\22"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 5979136000, [5979136000], SEEK_SET) = 0
read(5, "X\220ik\266\312\306\\ \266\32\220A\362\3319\250\27&\f\357"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 299281833984, [299281833984], SEEK_SET) = 0
write(5, "U\352\255\303`\262\372h\242\275\312\333_\352\3\322\313"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 5979140096, [5979140096], SEEK_SET) = 0
read(5, "\33\265#\367\332{\250Bj\215\277[\313\201\23\340\223\216"..., 
4096) = 4096
_llseek(5, 299281838080, [299281838080], SEEK_SET) = 0
write(5, "\313-\234z\236\253/\3\360\232\222\237p\t5L\353\v\363t%"..., 
4096) = 4096
Process 4562 detached

How long should I let the fsck run?

Darryl Bond


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