Confusing -t for -T causes bad block count error

Maurice Volaski mvolaski at
Thu May 26 23:23:49 UTC 2005

Just in case anyone ever reads this old post below and tries making a 
file system with the little, lower case letter "t" below, it results 
in a baffling bad block count error. The correct option is the upper 
case, capital letter "T" :)

>Yes, if you are creating larger files.  By default e2fsck assumes the average
>file size is 8kB and allocates a corresponding number of inodes there.  If,
>for example, you are storing lots of larger files there (digital photos, MP3s,
>etc) that are in the MB range you can use "-t largefile" or "-t largefile4"
>to specify an average file size of 1MB or 4MB respectively.  You can also
>use -i or -N (see man page) to override the default bytes-per-inode value.
>This will also speed up e2fsck noticably.


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