ext3-image doesn't mount anymore and reports errors

evilninja at gmx.net evilninja at gmx.net
Thu Nov 17 16:26:13 UTC 2005

Tobias Orlamünde schrieb:
> We made an image of a partition by using dd. Original filesystem is
> ext3 (4k block-size).

was it really a backup of a partition or did you backup a whole disk?
(dd if=/dev/hda1 vs. dd if=/dev/hda)

> Fsck.ext3 ends in lots of inode-errors and the following one:
> Error while iterating over blocks in inode 131736: Illegal triply
> indirect block found
> e2fsck: aborted

please make sure to use a current version of e2fsprogs and a current kernel.

> We are also willing to pay a fair amount of money for recovery.

hm, a couple of weeks ago i too was in the need of ext3-recovery and 
some *really* famous recovery-specialist told me: "ext3? no, not 
possible at all." (except for grep'ing through the fs as "usual")

BOFH excuse #416:

We're out of slots on the server

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