Assertion failure in ext3_sync_file() at fs/ext3/fsync.c:50: "ext3_journal_current_handle() == 0"

linux at linux at
Tue Nov 29 02:36:30 UTC 2005

> which means that somehow the aptitude process struct had a journal handle
> still active when it shouldn't have.  Are there any console messages or
> before the BUG, or just ENOSPC from the program?  Either way, I'd suspect
> a bug in the error handling code not doing a journal_stop() before exiting
> a function somewhere...

Sorry, nothing for 5 minutes, and that's just a martian packet. :-(

>> Filesystem state:         clean

> FYI - all ext3 filesystems say "clean" all the time, because when the
> journal replay is completed (note "needs_recovery" flag above) the
> filesystem will in fact be clean (i.e. not needing an e2fsck).  If this
> were "error" (after the kernel detected some on-disk error) then you'd
> get a full e2fsck on boot regardless of ext3 recovery or not.

Neat, thanks!

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