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Doing fsck on shutdown

I usually shutdown computer for night (could probaly use software
shutdown, but have not yet studied it).  In that case, the disk is
checked quite often with default settings, usually in those cases I am
in hurry and want computer to start up fast :-).

One alternative would be trying to run fsck at shutdown if fsck is due
in a few mounts.  One could abort that if one wants computer to shutdown
fast, but in normal case one could just allow it and then computer would
later shut ifself down.

Has anyone designed initscripts for that?

ps. another issue regarding to mount counts is automounting USB disks
with ext3 file system.  If one uses automounter, then one rapidly
accumulates mount count for fsck.  Of course, it is possible to set
counter to zero and make fsck only based on time.  Any opinions on that?

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