Unmounted File Handle

EXT-Wolber, Richard Richard.Wolber at boeing.com
Sat Oct 8 00:19:19 UTC 2005

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 04:11:27PM -0700, EXT-Wolber, Richard wrote:
> > Is it practical to get a R/W file handle opened against an existing 
> > file on an unmounted ext2 filesystem?
> What do you mean by a "read/write file handle"?  

As you noted below, I wish to manipulate files on an unmounted
Specifically, I wish to send log messages to a file in an unmounted

> There are a set of interfaces as part of the ext2fs library which
would allow 
> you to manipulate a file on an unmounted  filesystem.

What are the cons to doing this? Performance isn't that big of an issue
in our
application. The whole point is to avoid mounting a filesystem in a very

unfriendly environment. Power is expected to fluctuate at random
intervals. It
is permissible to have incomplete writes, but it is not permissable for
filesystem or files to be corrupted such that it cannot later be mounted

What do you recommend?


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