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EXT3 journalling issue


I have 2 boxes with 1.5TB storage with ext3 fs, and the kernel is I'm using E2fsprogs 1.37 for FS creation. And, Filesystem revision #: 1 (dynamic)

There are 2 scenarios:
1. All SATA drives, RAID5
2. All PATA drives, RAID5 and wrapped in log volumes.

I'm having lots of issues with fsck. I did search, but somehow not getting the right information.

needs_recovery gets set on the file system, but FS state is clean. Can I safely ignore this? After the default number of mounts, it gets into auto fsck, and it takes hours to finish it. Isn't it supposed to do it quickly? Can I safely set the max mount count to zero? I appreciate if anyone tells me more on this. I'm very new to sys admin.


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