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Re: ext3 incompatability between linux 2.4/ppc and linux 2.6/x86


Thanks for the prompt and informative reply. It looks like this is a 'known fault'.

The ext_attr feature is probably from selinux.
I'm not sure if there is some way to prevent selinux from tagging all
of the files in the filesystem or not (e.g. mount option or other).

Strangely google for "selinux mount ext_attr disable" gave a bugzilla
entry as first result:


There is a trivial change to the ext3 code to fix this for your embedded
platform - add ext3_inode_is_fast_symlink() to check for i_file_acl and
change ext3_read_inode() to use this instead of just checking i_blocks).

Unfortunately a change to the embedded system in the field is
unattractive at the moment.

Note that in newer e2fsprogs you need to use "mke2fs -O none -O {features}"
to clear the default feature set.  Also, it isn't clear whether this will
prevent selinux from enabling the ext_attr feature.

It doesn't, although disabling selinux is effective. Using your mke2fs and disabling selinux is a good workaround.

none of the values printed
in the error messages appear to be byte-swapped values.  They instead look
like ASCII values (e.g. "md-2" and "bash").

I see your point. I missed that but will check in future!

Thanks again,


camilo mesias co uk                                                 <--

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