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Re: deleting partition does not effect superblock?

On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Sumit Narayan wrote:

On my system, I first created a partition with EXT3 and put some data
on it. Later, I deleted the partition, and re-created another
partition with the same starting block number and a higher ending
block number. I intended to format it with another filesystem, but
surprisingly (or maybe just to me), the superblock of the partition
had not changed. I could still mount the new partition as the same old
filesystem. I could see all the files which was present earlier. Doing
'df' showed me the older partition details (size, % used etc.).

Shouldn't the superblock be changed/deleted once the partition is
deleted? I tried a reboot, but the output remained the same.

This is the expected behavior. A filesystem is created within the partition. If you grow the partition, the filesystem doesn't automatically grow (use resize2fs for that). In fact, you should probably read the resize2fs manpage, as it might give you some starting clue of what's going on.

Damian Menscher
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