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Re: deleting partition does not effect superblock?

On Mon, 2006-04-10 17:28:18 +0200, Jan Engelhardt <jengelh linux01 gwdg de> wrote:
> >deleted) or otherwise modified. So it's perfectly okay to delete such
> >a container (eg. remove start and end from the partition table) and
> >recreate it at some time later (by adding those values back to the
> >partition table.)  As long as the new container starts at the same
> >location, a filesystem driver will be able to find the old
> >information. If you start a block later, it won't find it's
> >superblocks.
> >
> If using a filesystem with replicated superblocks (ext*, xfs), then ...?
> [Includes expecting weird breakage.]

I'll possibly test if this works in another life...


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