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Re: ext3 filesystem corruption - more info (in text)

On Apr 13, 2006  16:40 -0400, Sev Binello wrote:
>Andreas Dilger wrote:
>>Do you run with write cache enabled on your device?  That can potentially
>>cause filesystem corruption even in the face of ext3 journaling, because
>>the journal atomicity guarantees are lost when the device reports a write
>>is complete on disk when it really isn't.
>The raid system does run with write back cache enabled.
>I don't believe the actual drives have this enabled,  but I'd have to 
>But we didn't actually lose power on the raid or hosts
>just the connecting switches, so we lost all communication.
>Presumably, in this situation  the controller cache should have been 
>emptied Is my reasoning correct here ?

Correct.  If your RAID has w/b cache enabled, but is battery backed, you
should be OK.

Beyond this, I'm not sure what else you can look at.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Software Engineer
Cluster File Systems, Inc.

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