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Re: EXT3-fs unexpected failure msg ?

Damian Menscher wrote:
On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Andreas Dilger wrote:

You really, really, really need to mount your filesystem with
"-o errors=remount-ro", at least to prevent filesystem corruption.
I'm not sure if this is enough to prevent corruption in the case
of your RAID disconnects (if it doesn't generate errors up to the
filesystem, but still discards writes), but it is at least a minimum

Since this was so strongly-worded, I just did a random spot-check of some of our filesystems (RHEL4) and discovered they all have:

   Errors behavior:          Continue

in the superblock (and mount apparently takes that option). This makes me curious: if it's so obvious that it should remount-ro on errors, why is the default (on RHEL4, at least) to continue?

Damian Menscher

Aside from the fact that this is the current default setting for RHEL linux systems,
though maybe not the best,
my question/concern is that since there are sometimes trivial errors that we often
have to live with until we can take our operational systems down long enough to fsck,
will this option automatically put us in ro mode no matter how trivial the
problem is ?

Also, when we had the problem earlier today (i.e. the raid controller didn't failover
for about 20 mins), we did stop and fsck. But even so when we checked after it
was done, it still said state was "clean with errors" ?
We tried fscking again with no better results,
though when it started it said...
      "ext3 recovery flag clear but journal has data"
any advice here ?



Sev Binello
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, New York
sev bnl gov

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