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Whats this for a block?


I have got a question concerning directory entries. I have the following block containing exactly the filenames I had in one specified folder on the same file system:


I really hoped that this is an directory block which could point me to the inode of the files.

But when I try to extract the data, I only get garbage. I'm reading the block this way: First 4 bytes are pointer to inode, second 4 bytes are length of the name and the the rest is the name itself and so on.

The first two entries should be '.' and '..', so the name lengths should be only 1 and 2, shouldn't they?

Do you know what's this for a data block? I'm just reading the wrong way?

Is there a chance to reconstruct useful information from that data block?

Thank you very much in advance,

Nikolaus Hammler

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