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Re: ext3 variables

Hi Muhammad,

Not sure if I understand properly. It looks like you're confused about the difference in size between what fdisk and df report. If that's the case: fdisk shows you the size of the disk partitions. You create a filesystem on those partitions, and each filesystem has a specific overhead (superblock, inode tables,...). I.e. df shows you what is actually available to the user of the filesystem.

Kind regards,


Muhammad Asif wrote:
Hello ,
i want to create a script that should automatically free the proxy partition i.e /var. I am able to create that script. But the problem is that i don't know through which variables i can check my partition's space that show me full detail i.e remaining size, etc.
One for that is df -h and other fdisk -l /dev/hdxx.
But when i will use if state then which variable i will use for comparision. Please help me in this regards.Can u tell me any variables in ext3 that can be used to check partitions's size
Muhammad Asif

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