Partitioning for ext3fs

david cooke dcooke at
Wed Aug 30 11:25:28 UTC 2006

I have an existing hard drive that I would like to partition for ext3fs then utilize for
backing up data files from a new machine.

My problem is that this HDD has a full version of FC4, and if I have it switched on when
connected by external USB when booting the new system, it will hang the process.

New equipment is SATA with recent version of FC5; No problem when running by itself. I
just haven't been able to read or see this external because I have to wait till FC5
boots; then it's to late. I have tried various timed events but still no worky.

Can I make an entry to /etc/fstab or some related config file as you would to mount a
new floppy or CD?

This is my first time at the ext3 forum and a new Linux user, so any help with commands
or procedures to implement ext3, or whatever would be the best suited fs, is greatly


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