Problem with ext3 filesystem

..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.. mr._x at
Sat Dec 30 00:46:12 UTC 2006

Well I was just asking for interests sake, I do read this ext3 out of 
curiosity just to learn a few tips. I didtn want to bother the whole 
user group, but what is the USR1 bit ? How would I do that ?

Christian Kujau wrote:
> [please reply on-list, so that all can comment]
> On Fri, 29 Dec 2006, ..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.. wrote:
>> Hey how would I check my syslog on BeOS ? I have dd. Is there I way I 
>> can use that to calculate my hard drive MB/s read speed ?
> um, I wasn't aware that ext3fs is supported on BeOS? Otherwise it's a 
> bit off topic, no?
> 1) syslog: if BeOS has no syslog, how do you know what's wrong with the
>    system?
> 2) if you have GNU/dd, you can send a USR1 to the dd process to see the
>    progress and a MB/s value.
> still, I don't see the relation to ext3 or even with the OP's problem.
> cheers,
> Christian.

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