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ext3 fs errors 3T fs

I looked through the archives a bit and could not find anything relevant,
if you know otherwise please point me in the right direction.

I have a ~3T ext3 filesystem on linux software raid that had been behaving
corectly for sometime.  Not to long ago it gave the following error after
trying to mount it:

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/md0,
       or too many mounted file systems

after a long fsck which I had to do manually I noticed the following in
/var/log/messages after trying to mount again:

Jan 19 09:13:11 terrorbytes kernel: EXT3-fs error (device md0):
ext3_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for group 3584 not in group (block
Jan 19 09:13:11 terrorbytes kernel: EXT3-fs: group descriptors corrupted !

when trying to correct again with e2fsck I get this error:

e2fsck 1.34 (25-Jul-2003)
Group descriptors look bad... trying backup blocks...
e2fsck: Invalid argument while checking ext3 journal for /dev/md0

some more information on the system:
os flavor: Suse 9.1
kernel version: 2.6.5-7.202.7-default (various suse patches applied to
   2.6.5 kernel)

I am not sure where to go from here, any help, experience, or references
to documentation that would help me better understand the problem would be

Dennison Williams

"And for all the good or evil, creation or destruction
your living might have of accomplished, you might have
just never have lived at all"
-The Sleeping Beauty

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