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Re: ext3 fs errors 3T fs

> In case it wasn't clear before (I thought it was) you are having problems
> because this fs is > 2TB.  Why, I'm not sure - it may relate to LVM/MD,
> it may be the block layer, or it may be an ext3 bug.  The fact that it is
> at 2TB makes it seem like a block layer bug or lower.

_you_ were clear, though others lead me to believe that on a 64 bit system
I should have no problem with a ext3 fs > 2T, further more there are a
number of claims on the Internet that ext3 should have no problem being
> 2T. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems#Limits.
That being said though I do plan on rebuilding the raid + filesystem in
chunks < 2T as soon as I get additional storage setup.

> If you can isolate the corruption to a single file or dir, you may get some
> insight into the problem by running filefrag on it (or "stat {path}" in
> debugfs.

I was able to isolate the problem to 2 different directories repeatedly.
Both of them were in the lost+found directory.  I ran "stat {path}" in
debugfs. on them but did not see any info that stood out as abnormal.
When I get access to the system again, I will repost the output.

> I think debugging it would be easiest if you had a backup and were
> willing to overwrite the device with a test pattern.

I would like to debug this situation when I get backup storage.  What
steps would you recommend to do this?

Thanks again, to everyone who has offered suggestions.

Dennison Williams

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