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Re: df reports false size

Am Dienstag, 31. Januar 2006 00:10 schrieb Andreas Dilger:
> The "find | wc -l" definitely does not agree with the superblock info.
> That reports (1005888 - 744793 = 261095) in use inodes, not 161021.
> If those numbers agreed, I'd suspect some space leakage (though not
> after an e2fsck run).  With 2.6 kernels the ext3 superblock info does
> not get updated on disk, except at shutdown (though it would be nice to
> have this done at, say, statfs time).
> There are no EAs consuming blocks (this would be 4kB per file, so 1GB
> in total for 250k files).

I understand what you're after, but what's an EA?

> This is also the file shown in the orphan inode list, so at least it
> is consistent.  I also wouldn't expect files to be orphaned after e2fsck.
> The other thing you can do is run "dumpe2fs /dev/sda1" to see what the
> block group descriptors report for free blocks/inodes.  You'd need some
> scripting to add this up, but fairly easy.

Thanks for the hint.  However, before following your suggestions, I'd like to 
try something else:

In another ML someone mentioned that the problem could be caused by another 
partition mounted on a non-empty subdirectory.  This sounds quite plausible, 
especially since we're dealing with partition containing the root directory.  
How do I get the complete list of files on an ext3 FS?

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