detail explain of file creation process

Andreas Dilger adilger at
Fri Jul 14 05:20:57 UTC 2006

On Jul 14, 2006  07:09 +0200, Zeremski Boris wrote:
> Hi, this link is great, explain basic concept of ext2/3 file system (inode,
> directory, soft/hard links...).
> What I am interested in, is more detail process of creating file. What is
> going on when, for example, make 'touch test.file' till that file really
> start existing on file system. 
> Where can I find his kind of information?

If you run UML with GDB, you can set a breakpoint at "sys_open" and follow
it around from there.  Also of interest are ext3_lookup, ext3_create. 

If you don't find any documentation, you might consider writing a wiki
page for this as you figure it out.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
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Cluster File Systems, Inc.

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