Limited write bandwidth from ext3

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at
Wed Jun 21 14:32:09 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 10:24 -0400, Sinha_Himanshu at wrote:
> I  misspoke earlier - our data is from a RHEL 4U1 system - 2.6.9 kernel.
> We will try RHEL 4U3 soon. That will give us a later kernel.

Not much - still a 2.6.9, although it will have patches bringing in some
later functionality.

You can tune the buffer flushing period (normally done for laptops to
prevent the disk spinning up - I have no idea what will happen if you
set it right down, but it feels like you would be in uncharted territory
there).   You should be able to find info on tuning this if you look for
stuff on laptops and ext3.

Continuous write throughput sounds a bit more like something that XFS
would do well.


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