Needed help to fix corrupted ext3 fs

Kevin Strong kstrong at
Fri Jun 23 12:54:39 UTC 2006

Does the filesystem mount okay on boot (but the apps you mentioned don't 
start) or do you have to drop down to emergency repair root, log in, and 
init 3 yourself?
Also, could you send the output of a simple 'mount' command as well as 
the output from 'df -Tla', and 'cat /proc/filesystems', 'cat 
/proc/ide/hda/settings', and 'cat /proc/ide/hda/driver' ?

I assume you've already tried 'mount /dev/hda3 -oremount,rw' ?

..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.. wrote:

> I have been trying very hard to seek help with my very complex issue 
> but so far none have been successful. So I would like to try this 
> mailing list, maybe there are some experts who know what they're 
> talking about.
> Please refer to my experts-exchange question, all the required 
> information will be there. It is more practical to send you to the 
> webpage than paste out what I've done.
> Hope any can help find THE solution.
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