viewing ext3 journal

Stefan Drexleri niam.tni at
Thu Jun 29 09:34:03 UTC 2006

2006/6/29, Zach Brown <zab at>:
> No.  Stephen was referring to the logdump command available from
> e2fsprog's debugfs program.  Like so:

Don't hit me, but i tried dumb thing:

# sync
# perl -e 'print "B"x4000;'
# sync
# debugfs -R 'logdump -ac /tmp/output' /dev/hda6

# vi /tmp/output

But i didn't find any patterns which look like four thousand equal characters.
I guess, data will be encoded bevor written to disk. Why? How it is done?

Maybe anyone can tell me quickly, how data is handled (encoded etc.)
before written to disk (i know this doesn't circumvent taking a good
book about filesystems/ext2 some day...)


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