Bug: ./ != $PWD

Victor Porton,,, porton at ex-code.com
Sat Mar 18 09:22:11 UTC 2006


I can't tell the reason and conditions to repeat this bug...

"ls" and "ls $PWD" produce different directory listing (of
different times, so a subdir is existing in one listing and
missing in an other).

ls . $PWD

GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-pc-linux-gnu)
Linux PREEMPT i686
/dev/hda5 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered,commit=60,quota)

A spirit junklies: This bug was noted by me during development of
a directory listing cache. (It cannot be the cause of the bug because
I have not yet even compiled this library :-).)

Anyway, maybe it is caused by hibernation... I will reboot.

Victor Porton - http://porton.ex-code.com

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