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Re: [RFC] mke2fs with DIR_INDEX, RESIZE_INODE by default

On Mar 20, 2006  13:19 -0500, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 01:43 -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> > We don't modify the htree code at all in either 2.6.9-RHEL or 2.6.12, only
> > 2.6.5 SLES9 has a small patch for "." and ".." lookup.
> Actually, RHEL-4 (based off 2.6.9) has needed one htree-related fix:
> http://www.kernel.org/git/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=acfa1823d33859b0db77701726c9ca5ccc6e6f25
> which affects NFS lookup-parent only, so Lustre probably wouldn't need
> it.

That's why we don't need to patch 2.6.9-RHEL4 :-).

> That was the last one I'm aware of; it has been robust other than that,
> and the RHEL and Fedora installers have been doing tune2fs -O dir_index
> to all filesystems by default since RHEL-4 / FC-2 (ie. for over 18
> months,) so it's definitely well tested here.

So, would you also be in favour of making these two options the default for
the next e2fsprogs?

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Software Engineer
Cluster File Systems, Inc.

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