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FC5: "ext_attr" and "large_file" features for ext3 file systems ???


 Fedora Core ext3 file systems newbie questions:

 Just interested in the Linux ext3 features but got
confused with "large_file" and "ext_attr".

 First, what's the "large_file" feature REALLY means?
For file systems created with same commands and
options some file systems have it on while some not.
It is said that the feature is automatic -- If there
is a large file then it is lit on otherwise it is off.
Then, what's the size of "large file" to light this
feature on? 2GB, or 2TB? or varies with the kernel

 Second, the "ext_attr" feature seems another
automatic one: it only appears after the first
"setfacl" command runs on the file system and then the
feature will keep on there forever even ACL is
removed. What's the indication of "ext_attr" feature
and what are the reasons behind to have this feature?

Thanks a lot.

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