"Guessing" superblock parameters

Sander Steffann s.steffann at computel.nl
Tue May 2 10:58:34 UTC 2006


> > Is the filesystem (offset of inode tables, ...) the same everytime I
> > format the same partition? If not, why?
> Yes, this is generally true for a given blocksize.  Even the 
> journal is created after the inode tables are allocated.  
> However, as part of the mke2fs the inode tables are zeroed, 
> so this would in fact be bad in your case.

You can use the -n option:

       -n     causes mke2fs to not actually create a filesystem, but
              what  it  would do if it were to create a filesystem.  This
              be used to determine the location of the backup superblocks
              a  particular filesystem, so long as the mke2fs parameters
              were passed when the filesystem was originally created are
              again.  (With the -n option added, of course!)

Good luck,

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