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Re: Why different directory sizes?

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 17:22, Damian Menscher wrote:
> > It compares the size of the files on the original file system with those
> > on the synchronized file system.  So, if we leave out directories from
> > that check, then we should be on the safe side, right?
> Correct, but it sounds like you should be reading up on rsync or LVM
> snapshots to avoid reinventing the wheel.

I'm all with you, but try telling that my boss.  He prefers to only use the 
simplest tools and double check everything.  Not necessarily a bad approach, 
but then one misses out many nice features of more powerful tools, for 
example incremental backups.

Personally, I tend to bet on software such as "star" and "rsnapshot", and if I 
don't trust a tool, then I test it throughly.  Automatic tests can be used to 
verify that backups still work properly after updates.  But there's no time 
for that at my job ...

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