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Re: e2defrag - Unable to allocate buffer for inode priorities

Andreas Dilger <adilger clusterfs com> writes:

> On Oct 31, 2006  22:44 +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> It should be doing that (checking for ext3 I can confirm) as of
>> It doesn't handle ext3 right and does know so:
>> # mke2fs -j /dev/ram0 
>> # e2defrag -r /dev/ram0
>> e2defrag (/dev/ram0): ext3 filesystems not (yet) supported
>> It hapily defrags a filesystem with resize_inode. Is it destroying
>> resize capability or directly destroying data?
> It is destroying the resize capability.  The primary issue here is
> that tools which manipulate the filesystem directly (e.g. e2fsprogs)
> have to understand ALL of the *COMPAT flags, and not just the INCOMPAT
> flags.
> Cheers, Andreas

Defrag should leave special inodes well enough alone (and I know it
does not, hence the ext3 incompatibiliy) and then it should preserve
all compat features.

Time for some more fixing.


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