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Re: ext3 4TB fs limit on amd64 (FAQ?)

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006, Ralf Gross wrote:
I've a question about the max. ext3 FS size. The ext3 FAQ explains that
the limit is 4TB.

Hm, strange: I'm pretty sure that mkfs.ext3 understands bigger blocksizes for quite a while now. Then again, the FAQ says "Version: 2004-10-14"...

So, although I'd really love to have this information (and the FAQ!) on
http://e2fsprogs.sf.net/  this is what I found:

blocksize	file size limit 	filesystem size limit
 1 KiB		16448 MiB (~ 16 GiB)	2048 GiB (= 2 TiB)
 2 KiB	 	256 GiB 		8192 GiB (= 8 TiB)
 4 KiB		2048 GiB (= 2 TiB) 	16384 GiB (= 16 TiB)
 8 KiB	 	65568 GiB (~ 64 TiB) 	32768 GiB (= 32 TiB)

Note that an 8 KiB blocksize is only supported on systems with 8 KiB pagesize (i.e. linux/alpha).

So, it really looks like 16TiB shouldn't be a problem...but I just stumbled over this:

While the ext* gurus are busy on the ext4 list, I too would appreciate a comment on the current limitation of ext2/ext3/ext4, so that we can update the FAQ. These questions really come up way too often...

BOFH excuse #387:

Your computer's union contract is set to expire at midnight.

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