16TB ext3 mainstream - when?

Damian Menscher menscher at uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 4 00:20:20 UTC 2006

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> On Oct 03, 2006  23:30 +0100, Chris Allen wrote:
>> Are we likely to see patches to allow 16TB ext3 in the mainstream
>> kernel any time soon?
> I think the patches are going into -mm (if not already), so start testing...
> If not, they have been posted here several times, along with a URL for
> download.

Will those patches work to grow an existing ext3 filesystem to >8TB, or 
do they only work on new filesystems (created with those patches or 
other special options)?

I ask because we need to create an <8TB filesystem now, but with the 
option to grow it to >8TB in the future.

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